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Announcing the Formation of AAJ Legal LLC!

Beginning in 2017, Angela James will leverage her experience as an in-house attorney, an industry lobbyist, and an environmental compliance lawyer in one of Wisconsin's largest law firms to open a small, solo practice dedicated to assisting businesses and communities navigate the complex regulatory framework applicable to factories, wastewater treatment plants and other production facilities.  Angela will focus particularly on wastewater compliance, including:

  • Phosphorus & Nutrient Compliance Strategies
    (water quality trading, adaptive management and variance requests)
  • Total Maximum Daily Loads
    (development of wasteload allocations for individual facilities, understanding baseline assumptions, considering options for challenges)
  • Thermal Compliance Strategies
    (negotiating compliance schedules, developing strategies for alternative limits, etc)
  • Permit Renewal Assistance
    (waste stream clarification, outfall locations, point of standards application, impacts of new rules)
  • Strategic Counseling on Emerging Issues
    (understanding how changes to Wisconsin's Water Quality Standards, impairment listings, TMDLs and federal updates may impact your facility's compliance now, and into the future)
  • Disposal via Land Application
    (e.g.manure pit storage, spray field development, groundwater standards applicable to land application, Land Application Management Plans, contracting with third party applicators)

Despite this focus on wastewater permitting, Angela can also assist you with a wide range of the day-to-day environmental compliance questions regarding record keeping, reporting, auditing, and waste characterization.  Watch for more information on the firm, and for opportunities to sign up for client alerts, newsletters, and other information on environmental compliance in Wisconsin.  For more information, call Angela at 608-224-9777, or email angela@aajlegal.com.

Angela James