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Headquartered in Madison, but serving clients operating throughout Wisconsin, AAJ Legal specializes in all environmental regulatory compliance matters. Whether you’re looking for help with a discrete regulatory question, or seeking access to a legal advisor to be a part of your regulatory compliance team, AAJ Legal can help you achieve your objectives with practical legal advice. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Angela James has been practicing environmental law for nearly 20 years, and her diverse experience allows her to tailor her advice to your needs. From developing internal controls to ensure compliance, to advocating to decision-makers about policy changes, or challenging permit conditions, Angela has walked others through that process and helped them achieve their goals.

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Areas of Practice

Water Law

AAJ Legal understands the standards and concerns driving facilities to look more closely at both surface and groundwater compliance. We work with technical staff to challenge requirements and craft solutions by merging legal advice with technical realities.

wetlands Permitting

Few areas of the law have as much potential to stymie a project as wetlands permitting.  AAJ Legal can help you identify ways to minimize wetland permitting risk, and help you obtain the permits you need.   

Strategic Planning

The best business decisions are one step ahead of the regulatory environment.  With a long history of working with policy makers, AAJ Legal can help you not only comply today, but anticipate tomorrow's requirements when you make your investments.

Environmental Compliance Counseling

AAJ Legal can assist companies both in develop internal practices to ensure compliance, as well as in assessing long-term risk associated with changing environmental regulations.  With experience both as an internal counselor, AAJ Legal can become an affordable part of your team.

Waste disposal

From helping you characterize your waste, to ensuring you have the right disposal options in place, AAJ Legal can help you ensure that your waste is being properly handled from cradle to grave.


Trade Association Assistance

AAJ Legal has extensive experience in advising trade associations both on environmental regulatory policy, and on day-to-day best practices for trade association management.  We can offer competitive rates for providing environmental regulatory expertise.


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